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The effect of light burned magnesium powder on the economy

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Since 11th Five-Year, Dashiqiao has developed nearly 100 new technologies and new products for magnesia materials, 47 key technologies, 55 patents, 58 national and provincial science and technology projects, 37 provincial scientific and technological project appraisal projects, and the provincial Ministry of science and technology progress award. Excellent new product award and patent award of magnesia material products 69. Among them, 19 leading international advanced technologies and products, 39 leading technologies and products in the country, have filled 26 advanced technologies and products in the domestic blank. It has formed the technological innovation system of magnesium industry based on the market as the guide, the large enterprise as the leader, the medium-sized enterprise as the backbone and the university hospital as the support, which has enhanced the independent innovation ability of the enterprise. In the process of taking magnesium industry as the core of industrial cluster, during the process of occupying the advanced and large-scale development of magnesium industry in the process of developing magnesia material industry, the magnesium industry is gradually formed by the resources as the backing, the intensive processing products as the leading, the raw materials of the large and medium enterprises as the leading raw materials, the burning of bricks, the non burning bricks, the magnesium chemical industry and the electricity. Industrial clusters of magnesia powder, light burned magnesia powder and magnesium metal products. This cluster of industrial advantages allows the magnesium industry to quickly occupy the high end and scale development "highland". A batch of high - tech and highly motivated high - end magnesium products have settled into the magnesium industry. The Dongji group, which has been included in the National 863 plan, is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly electric melting magnesium production line, and the Boer Kate magnesium alloy die-casting project of kecu group, which is a highly representative of the high-end magnesium products, has written a rich and heavy color in the history of the advanced development of the magnesium industry in Dashiqiao. This strong momentum of development has attracted many well-known international enterprises, such as the Austria ogi company, the German thunder law company, the Korean state Pu Iron Co., Ltd. and so on, to invest in Dashiqiao. At present, there are 12 state-level high-tech enterprises in Dashiqiao, and over 66 enterprises are over 100 million yuan. Among them, Yingkou blue and white group's output value reached about 9000000000 yuan, becoming Asia's largest alkaline refractory enterprise.



According to the development idea of "diversification, high end, scale and ecology", Dashiqiao municipal Party committee and municipal government plan to build a new industrialization Park of 100 square kilometers of Dashiqiao City, which has set up a platform for the development of the magnesium industry. At the same time, Dashiqiao city takes the Industrial Park as the carrier, takes scientific and technological innovation as the motive force, focuses on project engineering, continuously strengthens the infrastructure and project construction of the park, leads the advanced development of the magnesium industry. It has organized the technology of energy saving and emission reduction of magnesium, reburning magnesium and light burning magnesium successively, and encouraging enterprises to develop magnesium metal and alloy. High technology, such as fine magnesium based chemical industry, high grade magnesia material and magnesia functional material, will change the way of economic development, promote the magnesia material industry to take the resources as the support, and take the intensive processing products as the leading cluster, intensive and scale benign development track. Magnesite, as a non renewable and indispensable strategic resource, limits and reduces its exploitation and utilization of resources, which is the focus of all related work in the future. Therefore, the mining resources and conditions can be encouraged to carry out large-scale technological transformation and equipment renewal, or the dispersed mining of raw materials, and the construction of a number of large raw material bases. Magnesia refractory raw material industry is a typical resource-based industry. Since China's reform and opening up in 1980s, due to the rapid increase in the demand for magnesia materials, the threshold of primary raw material processing access is low, resulting in serious damage to the rational development of magnesite. Due to economic reasons, magnesite grade ore is priced at 5 times the price of grade three ore. Extensive mining, mining and abandoning poverty cause serious waste of resources, and more serious is mining and stripping. In 2005, the author took part in the "point adjustment" of 12 key magnesite mines in Liaoning. It estimated that the arrears of rock stripping were over 1 million tons at that time, and the situation did not change fundamentally, resulting in some difficulties in the mining of high quality ores. In recent years, the original grade of special grade ore has been very rare. The first grade ore is in short supply, and the ore quality landslide leads to an average MgO content of magnesia more than 0.5%. Therefore, in order to utilize the limited resources reasonably and effectively, the light burned magnesia must carry out the relevant laws and regulations seriously and so on. We should further integrate the magnesite mine and the old mine with more than 300 thousand tons of mining in the year, implement the scale mining and intensive management, do a good job in the existing mining area, and make up the mining in the mining area, and make up the arrears of rock stripping in the key mines, Prolong the service life of mine, popularize mineral processing technology and make comprehensive use of medium and low grade ores. Brief introduction of light magnesia powder

Light burned magnesia powder is divided into nine grades according to chemical composition: QM-96, QM-95, QM-94, QM-92, QM-90, QM-87, QM-85, QM-80 and QM-75.

One test method

The method of chemical analysis was carried out according to GB 5069.

The particle size determination was checked by international standard sieves, that is, 120 mesh and 100 mesh were inspected with the international standard sieve 0.125mm and 0.15mm respectively.

Two test rules

The weight of each batch is not more than 120 t.

Samples for determination of granularity should be sampled before the batch. The samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after the batch. 25kg take one sample per 20 bags, and each big bag (1000kg) takes one sample.

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