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Characteristics and uses of light burned magnesia powder

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Magnesium Oxide, a light burned magnesia powder manufacturer, has also been used in the manufacture of ceramics and enamel. It plays a role in reducing the sintering temperature and is used as a filler in the manufacture of grinding wheels and paints. In addition, it has been used in medicine, food processing, agriculture, electronics industry, insulating material industry and so on.

The calcination of magnesite at high temperatures of 750 to 1100 is called "light burning". The product is called light magnesia powder, called light burning powder for short. The main use of light burning powder is adiabatic and sound insulation building material and cementitious material. It can also be used as the raw material for making ceramics.

Because the tank body of the light burning powder biogas tank will be exposed to water for a long time, the water resistance of the product is very special and also has good stability. The high content of light burned magnesia powder, such as 88% light burning magnesia powder, is used, for example, the selection of special alkali burning amount of ultralow ore in the selection of ore can control the caustic soda production. In addition, controlling the caustic soda can improve the water resistance of the products.

The light burning powder used in the biogas tank must have 4-7 hours to solidify, and the biogas tank is very strict with the solidification speed of the light burned magnesia powder. If it is too fast, the stability is worse. If it is too slow, the tank will be easily deformed. The mistaken area about the light burning powder.


A lot of people misunderstood some of the truth

1. the content and activity of Magnesium Oxide are directly proportional to a certain range, but there is no such a strict or reliable proportional relationship.

2., it is a serious mistake to think that "beyond this range is inversely proportional".

3. now, Magnesium Oxide is misunderstood by some people as light burning powder. It is also a serious mistake. It should be said that the light burning magnesia powder manufacturer is the main ingredient of the light burning powder. The light burning powder is Magnesium Oxide, and the light burning powder also contains MgCO3, Mg (OH) 2, CaO, Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2 and so on. Conversely, it is a serious mistake to call Magnesium Oxide a light powder.

4. with the innovation of time and technology, the definition of light burning powder and diamond bitter soil has also changed greatly. The magnesite is made of magnesite, which is made of old soil kiln. The color is dark, the content of impurities is very high, and the light burning powder is mostly made of magnesite. The content is much less.

In addition, there is a deep area of misunderstanding, using ethylene glycol light burning magnesium powder factory extraction method to determine the content of f-CaO in light burning powder. According to the experiment, the ethylene glycol also absorbs Magnesium Oxide. With the different extraction time, the result will have a visible effect on the results. This point is related to some national standard correction, this statement is also one of the same. Some other articles coincide. This proposal is very important, and experts can further demonstrate it. Magnesium Oxide is made from magnesite ore by natural gas and light burned magnesia powder producer. The furnace temperature is light and magnesia powder factory is about 750 - 900 C. The content is between 60% and 95%. Magnesium Oxide contains five elements: silicon, calcium, iron, aluminum, magnesium and so on. The main uses are divided into the following:

80 powder: fireproof board, biogas tank, glass steel.

85 powder: fireproof board, colourful tile, magnesite manhole cover, artificial marble, handicraft.

90 powder: sulfur dioxide, Magnesium Sulfate and rare earth refractories in thermal power plants.

60-75 powder: low grade FRP, ventilation pipe and light partition board.

Burning loss (caustic soda): light burned magnesia powder manufacturer

80 powder: approximately equal to 10%-11%

85 powder: approximately equal to 6.5%-9% light burned magnesia powder manufacturer

90 powder: approximately equal to 3.5%-4.5%

The lower the loss of burning, the higher the content of Magnesium Oxide is

Magnesium Oxide activity: (Magnesium Oxide in the reaction component called activity)

60 powder: 40%-50%

75 powder: 45%-50%

80 powder: 55%-58%

85 powder: 64%-66%

90 powder: 45%-50%, also called bitter soil powder, light magnesia powder, and so on. Magnesium Oxide is the main component of its main ingredient. It is made of natural magnesite ore as the main raw material, calcined at high temperature of 800--850 C, and the color of the product is pink and yellow white these two colors.

Light burning powder can resist folding and pressure, and has high strength and gas hardness. Light burning powder products are applied in packaging bottom beam, heavy machinery packing box, etc.

1. characteristics: light burning powder products do not need water, only use brine to mix light calcined magnesium powder factory, light burn magnesia powder factory home sticky, brine is also magnesium chloride water solution.

2. use: the main application fields of light burning powder are medicine, national defense, paper making, chemical industry, shipbuilding, etc. its main uses are as high temperature refractory, feed, fertilizer, well cover, heat insulation board, Magnesium Sulfate, firecracker fixing agent, inorganic glass, magnesite tile, grinding wheel mold, artificial Dali stone, power plant boiler flue gas desulphurization, sewage treatment Ideal raw materials for ventilation ducts, vegetable greenhouses, building materials Abrasives, ceramic tiles, steel slag, paper making and biogas tanks.

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