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Light burned magnesia powder wholesale

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How the light burning powder of light burned magnesia is produced

The calcination of magnesite at high temperatures of 750 to 1100 is called "light burning". The product is called light magnesia powder, called light burning powder for short. The main use of light burning powder is adiabatic and sound insulation building material and cementitious material. It can also be used as the raw material for making ceramics.

The light burning powder used in the biogas tank must have 4-7 hours to solidify, and the biogas tank is very strict with the solidification speed of the light burned magnesia powder. If it is too fast, the stability will be worse. If it is too slow, the tank will be easily deformed.

Light burning powder manufacturer

Because the tank body of the light burning powder biogas tank will be exposed to water for a long time, the water resistance of the product is very special and also has good stability. The high content of light burned magnesia powder, such as 88% light burning magnesia powder, is used, for example, the selection of special alkali burning amount of ultralow ore in the selection of ore can control the caustic soda production. In addition, controlling the caustic soda can improve the water resistance of the products.


Magnesium Oxide is also used in the manufacture of ceramics and enamel. It plays a role in reducing the sintering temperature and is used as a filler in the manufacture of grinding wheels and paints. In addition, it has been used in medicine, food processing, agriculture, electronics industry, insulation industry and so on. Magnesium Oxide manufacturers tell you the classification of Magnesium Oxide:

There are two kinds of light Magnesium Oxide and heavy Magnesium Oxide.  The light weight is loose and it is a white amorphous powder. Odorless and tasteless and nontoxic. The density is 3.58g/cm3. It is difficult to dissolve in pure water and organic solvents, and the solubility in water increases with the presence of carbon dioxide. It can be dissolved in acid and ammonium salt solution. It is transformed into a crystalline body by high temperature burning.  Magnesium carbonate is produced in the presence of carbon dioxide in the air.  Heavy and compact, white or beige powder. Easy to combine with water, easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air. Mixed with magnesium chloride solution is easy to gel and harden.

With the upgrading of industrialization and the demand and development of high and new technology functional materials market, a series of high and new and fine Magnesium Oxide products have been developed and produced. It is mainly used for high grade lubricating oil, advanced tanning leather extract, food grade, medicine, silicon steel grade, advanced electromagnetic class and high purity Magnesium Oxide. What type of Magnesium Oxide do you need to buy for the disposable building envelope? The one-time building membrane shell mainly needs to buy Magnesium Oxide content 70%-80%; CaO less than 2; activity 55-60; physical properties: appearance color, white, yellow white, powder white powder.

Magnesium Oxide mainly passes through the light burning reflex kiln, the magnesite ore, the coal burning to produce the gas through the high temperature calcination production and the ash block (Ban Chengpin) and then passes through the Raymond machine to the 80 order -325 mesh and so on.

Magnesium Oxide products are mainly made of fireproof board, feed, fertilizer, well cover, insulation board, art enclosure, Magnesium Sulfate, door core board, compound insulation board, one-off building diaphragm, firecracker fixing agent, chicken house board, inorganic glass, magnesite tile, grinding wheel mold, artificial marble, electric factory boiler flue gas desulphurization, ventilation pipe and light. Ideal material for products such as partition wall board, vegetable greenhouse rack, building material grinding tool, ceramic tile bottom powder, steelmaking slag, paper making, biogas tank and so on. New materials of building materials -- light burning magnesia powder wholesale

New building materials are building materials that have developed rapidly in recent years. Because of its advantages of fire resistance and environmental protection, it has won the favor of experts and scholars in the construction industry at home and abroad. The famous 2008 Olympic Stadium "bird nest" is the largest use of new building materials, combined with high and new technology to create a world-class advanced construction project.

In the raw materials of new building materials, the most commonly used material is "light magnesia powder". Light magnesia powder is made of magnesite, calcined by light burning reflex kiln, rotary kiln or boiling furnace. The product is calcined evenly, the quality is stable, the purity is high, and the activity is good. It can be widely used in papermaking, chemical industry, refractory materials, building materials, desulfurization and other industries.

Light burned magnesia is used to make refractories. In the United States and most magnesium consuming countries, iron and steel industry is the biggest consumption industry. Heavy magnesia made from magnesite, sea water, Saline Lake or well salt is mainly used for manufacturing refractory products of metallurgical furnace. Light burned magnesia is widely used in various fields. In water treatment industry, light magnesia powder is used to remove silicon and heavy industrial waste liquid in water; it can also be used as a neutralizer for industrial waste gas. Light magnesia powder can react with SO2 in flue gas to produce Magnesium Sulfate, thus removing SO2 from industrial waste gas, which is better than calcium removal. Another use is to produce chlorine Magnesium Oxide and sulphur Magnesium Oxide cement for manufacturing industrial and civil building flooring.

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