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The necessity of industry innovation for light burned magnesia powder manufacturers

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The market competition risk of binder industry can be subdivided into market, price risk and operation risk. First demand risk, demand is the key factor affecting the bond sales of refractory materials, the size of demand is relative to the supply, supply increases, demand decreases, sales will encounter difficulties; second is the price risk, the high price of refractory materials with binder products is high, but the price is too high, It will seriously affect sales; third is business risk, which is the possibility that the developer is not good at the development of the binder project due to the development of the refractory material, which causes the expected income to be unable to be realized or to compensate for the operating cost. This kind of risk is mainly attributable to the developers' subjective prediction errors and decision-making errors in the development cost, rental price, development cycle and financing.

Two, analysis of technical level risk

In China, the scientific research and technical support of refractory materials (light magnesia burning ball, light magnesia powder and so on) is not enough. Although the technical level can not meet the demand of current enterprise production, the speed of industry renewal is slow and behind the developed countries.

Three, enterprise competition risk analysis

At present, there are two main aspects of the competition of the bonded enterprises for refractory materials in China, one is the competition of domestic enterprises and the other is facing the international competition. Under the current economic situation, the development prospect of large enterprises is better, and small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of acquisition or merger.

At present, the refractory material (light magnesite ball, light magnesia powder and so on) should win in the market competition with the binder and not be eliminated. It is necessary to make every effort to give full play to its own advantages, improve the technical level and reduce the production cost.

Light burned magnesia powder

But many people misunderstand the reason that the content and activity of Magnesium Oxide are directly proportional to a certain range, and beyond this range it is inversely proportional.

Now the Magnesium Oxide is misunderstood by most people as light burning powder. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Light burning powder can be said to be a kind of Magnesium Oxide. Its alias is called light burning magnesium, light burning of Magnesium Oxide, diamond bitter soil, bitter soil powder (Japanese translation), magnesium calcium powder (because of light burning powder containing calcium oxide in powder), calcium oxide in light burning powder in building materials industry The lower the better the content is!

Nature: white powder, tasteless, unodorless, exposed to air, easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide, this product dissolves in acid and ammonium salt, insoluble in water and ethanol, melting point 2800, boiling point 3600, Magnesium Oxide has high fire insulation performance. (high melting point)

Application: for rubber, plastic, wire, cable dyes, paint, glass, ceramics, chemical reagents, medicine, food additives, etc.

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  • Contact: manager Yin

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