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Source and preparation of light burned magnesia powder

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The sources and methods of light burned magnesia are in four ways:

1. Gas phase method

High purity magnesium and oxygen react to form nuclei, and then keep the particles growing. Raw materials containing more than 80% Magnesium Oxide (weight) are dissolved in inorganic acid (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid) at a molar ratio of 1:2 to make magnesium salts of inorganic acids. The impurities are removed and heated under the atmosphere of oxygen, and then washed, dehydrated and dried at 1100 centigrade for 1 hours, and the high purity and light burning powder is made.

2. The method of satin burning

Magnesium hydroxide forging process

The Mg (OH) 2 was precipitated in the magnesium solution by adding the Magnesium Sulfate solution with the removal of impurity and purification. The solid liquid separation was carried out by the plate frame filter press. The filter cake was washed with high purity Mg (OH) 2, and then the high pure light burning powder was prepared by drying and forging.

Calcination of bitter soil powder

After the water is chosen, the magnesia powder is precipitated into magnesium mud and then digested, dried and calcined, so that magnesium hydroxide is dehydrated to form light burned powder.

Magnesite Satin sintering

The magnesite is calcined in a calciner at 950 degrees centigrade, and then cooled, sieved and smashed to produce light burned powder.

Dolomite calcination

Activated dolomite can be produced by calcining, adding water, digesting, carbonizing, calcining and crushing.

3, soda ash method

First, the bittern was added to the reactor at about 20 degrees, and the clarification solution was added at about 20 degrees Celsius in the stirring. The heavy magnesium carbonate was formed at about 55 C, and the heavy magnesium carbonate was formed. After rinsing and centrifugation, it was roasted at 700-900 C, and the light light and light burning powder was made by crushing and selecting.

4, hydrochloric acid method

The raw material of heavy Magnesium Oxide is sent into the reactor, and the hydrochloric acid is added to the reaction to produce six water magnesium chloride, then the sodium carbonate is added to the reaction to produce basic magnesium carbonate. The basic magnesium carbonate is washed in water, and the alkaline magnesium carbonate is burned at high temperature and then crushed to make the magnetic light burning powder.

Light burned magnesia

The prehomogenization of light burning magnesium powder means that the MgO content and the active MgO content in the light burning powder can be evenly dispersed through certain mechanical equipment, so as to achieve uniform composition and stable quality.

It is well known that when the bulk material (magnesite) is calcined in a reflective kiln, the composition of the light burning powder can not be consistent because the size of the block is different, the calcining time (2-3H), and the fluctuation of the calcining temperature will inevitably result in the phenomenon of less burning and overfiring of the magnesite.

Second, the light burning Magnesium Oxide plant has not taken zoning or collocation mining for most of the ore resources, resulting in the fluctuation of the ore composition. The content of Magnesium Oxide and the active Magnesium Oxide content in the calcined light burned powder have great fluctuation, resulting in the inconsistency of the components.

Third, most light burning powder manufacturers, after the magnesite ore Satin burn finished, the braised furnace ripening time is not enough, and direct Raymond grinding powder, and then direct packaging, which also causes the composition of light burning powder is inconsistent.

At present, the quality and composition of light burning powder used in Magnesite Industry are not only different from different manufacturers, but the composition of different batch and even the same batch and the same batch of products is not consistent, which causes the quality of the products of magnesium oxychloride is very unstable, especially the content of light burning powder is not taken uninterrupted. It will inevitably lead to excess or insufficient MgCI2 of coagulant agent, which will inevitably lead to halogen and frost. Therefore, the quality stability of light burned powder is the key to the quality of magnesium oxychloride products, and also the bottleneck of the development of Magnesite Industry.

Pre homogenization of light burned powder is an important means to stabilize the quality of light burned powder.


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