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Application field of light burned magnesia powder

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Light burned magnesia powder in industrial grade

Application: it is mainly used for the production of magnesite products. The light burned Magnesium Oxide and magnesium chloride solution can be cemented and hardened into a hardened part with certain physical and mechanical properties, called magnesite cement. Magnesite cement, as a new type of cement, has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, fireproof and heat insulation, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be widely used in Yu Jiancai, municipal, agriculture, machinery and other fields. According to the provisions of WB/T1019-2002 "light burned Magnesium Oxide" for magnesite products, the chemical composition of light burned Magnesium Oxide is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 chemical composition of light burned Magnesium Oxide

Brand name






First class (B)

Qualified product (C)

MgO > >




Active MgO > >




Free CaO < < < >

One point five



Burning loss



Less than 12

High grade lube grade Magnesium Oxide

Application: it is mainly used for cleaning agent, vanadium inhibitor and desulfurizer in advanced lubricating oil processing, which greatly improves the tightness and rheology of lubricating film and reduces ash content. Removing lead and removing mercury to reduce the pollution of lubricating oil or fuel waste to the environment, the surface treated Magnesium Oxide can also be used as the complexing agent, chelating agent and carrier in the refining process, which is more beneficial to the product fractionation to improve the quality of the product. Especially when Mg0 is added to heavy oil combustion, vanadium acid in heavy oil can be eliminated.

Food grade Magnesium Oxide

Application: it is used as food additive, color stabilizer, pH regulator as a supplement to health food and magnesium. It is used as a decolorizing agent, ice cream powder PH regulator for refining granulated sugar. As anti - caking agent and anti - acid agent in wheat powder, milk powder chocolate, cocoa powder, grape powder, sugar powder and other fields, it can also be used in the manufacture of ceramics, enamel, glass, dye and other fields.

Medical grade Magnesium Oxide

Application fields: medical grade Magnesium Oxide can be used as an acid resistant agent, adsorbent, desulfurizer, lead removal agent, complex filter agent, PH regulator, as an acid resistant agent and laxative agent in medicine, to inhibit and relieve gastric acid overabundance, to treat gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Neutralization of gastric acid is strong and slow, and does not produce carbon dioxide.

Silicon steel grade Magnesium Oxide

Application areas: silicon steel grade Magnesium Oxide has good magnetic conductivity (that is, with larger positive susceptibility) and excellent insulation properties (that is, the conductivity can be as low as 10-14us/cm compact). A good insulating layer and magnetic medium can be formed on the surface of the silicon steel sheet to suppress and overcome the eddy current and skin effect loss (iron loss) in the silicon steel core in the transformer. The insulation property of silicon steel sheet can be improved and used as high temperature annealing isolating agent. It can also be used as a dephosphorizing agent, desulfurizing agent and insulating coating agent in silicon steel for ceramic materials, electronic materials, chemical raw materials, adhesives and additives.

Advanced electromagnetic class Magnesium Oxide

Applications: used for wireless high frequency paramagnetic conducting materials, magnetic rod antennas, magnetic cores of FM components, etc. Instead of ferrite. It can be used for the fabrication of composite superconducting magnetic materials and also for the electronic magnetic industry. "Soft magnetic material". It is also an ideal raw material for industrial enamel and ceramics.

High purity Magnesium Oxide

Application: high purity Magnesium Oxide has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation at high temperature. High thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity have good optical transmittance. It is widely used as high temperature and heat resistant material. In the field of ceramics, the raw materials used as light transmittance ceramic crucibles and substrates are used in electrical materials and electrical fields for magnetic device filler, insulating material filler and various kinds of carriers. The thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate is 2 times higher than alumina, and the loss of electrolyte is only 1/10 of alumina. It can also be used as raw material for high-purity fused magnesia, and can be used as an analytical pure Magnesium Oxide in chemistry.

Nanoscale Magnesium Oxide

Application: nano scale Magnesium Oxide has obvious small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunneling effect. It has many specific functions and important application value in optical, catalytic, magnetic, mechanical, chemical and other aspects. It has a very broad prospect in twenty-first Century. New materials. Nano Magnesium Oxide has been widely applied in the fields of electronics, catalysis, ceramics, oil products, coatings and so on. It has different functions in different products, used in chemical fiber and plastics industry as flame retardants, high temperature reagents, advanced ceramic materials, electronic industrial materials, adhesives and additives in the production of silicon steel sheet, and radio industry high frequency magnetic rod antenna, magnetic packing packing, insulating material filler and various kinds of loads. Body; refractory fiber and refractory material, magnesia chrome brick, heat resistant coating filler, high temperature resistance, insulation instrument, electricity, cable, optical material and steelmaking; electrical insulator material, making crucible, melting furnace, insulated conduit (tubular element), electrode bar, electrode sheet.

In the textile field, with the increasing demand for high-performance flame retardant fibers, the synthesis of new high-performance flame retardants provides an ideal material for developing functional fabrics. Nanoscale Magnesium Oxide is often used in conjunction with sawdust and shavings to make light weight, sound insulation, insulation, fireproof fiberboard and other refractory materials and cermet. Compared with some traditional organic phosphorus or halogen flame retardants, nano Magnesium Oxide is nontoxic, tasteless and less added. It is an ideal additive for developing flame retardant fibers. In addition, nano Magnesium Oxide has strong cleaning and corrosion inhibiting ability for fuel, and has good application prospects in coatings.

Feed grade Magnesium Oxide

Adding 50-90 grams of Magnesium Oxide per day in dairy cows or adding 0.5% of the amount of concentrate can not only supplement the deficiency of magnesium in the diet to prevent the occurrence of magnesium deficiency, but also a fine rumen buffer, regulate rumen fermentation, increase the absorption of breast milk synthesis precursor, improve milk production and milk fat rate. According to the reports abroad, adding 0.5% Magnesium Oxide in the dairy supplement can increase the milk yield by 1.6 kg, increase the milk fat rate by 0.145 percentage points, and improve the feed intake. The addition of Magnesium Oxide in dairy cow diet can prevent heat stress. Magnesium ions can interact with sodium and potassium ions, keep the balance of osmotic pressure inside and outside cells, alleviate the reaction of cow to heat stress, improve the feed intake of cows in summer and maintain the milk production. In addition, it is suggested that in the case of heat stress, the amount of Magnesium Oxide in the diet should be increased to compensate for the loss of magnesium in the body, thereby ensuring and maintaining normal milk production. Cows and beef cattle have a good balance mechanism to deal with.

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