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Open tender report of light burned magnesia powder - Dingsheng mining

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The first public bidding for light and heavy magnesium export quotas will commenced in December 8, 2014. According to the regulations on the bidding for export commodities quotas and the rules for the implementation of the bidding for industrial export quotas (foreign trade and trade development [2001]626), the following items are now announced as follows:

First, the name and scope of the bidding goods

It includes natural magnesium carbonate (Ling Meikuang), fused magnesia (electrofusion magnesium, including spray material), sintered magnesia (reburning magnesium, including sprayed material), alkali burning magnesium (light magnesia powder), and waste magnesia brick. The code of Customs goods is:

25191000 natural magnesium carbonate (Ling Meikuang)

25199010 fused magnesia (fused magnesia, including gunning material).

25199020 sintered magnesia (heavy magnesia, including gunning material)

25199030 alkali burning magnesium (light burning magnesium)

25309099.10 waste magnesia brick

Two. Number of tenders

The number of public bidding for light and heavy magnesium: 770 thousand tons

Three. Time for bidding

Bidding time: 9 -12 month, December 8, 2014

Deadline: 16:00 in December 9, 2014

Opening time: 10:00 in December 10, 2014

Four, the way of bidding

Bidding through the "China international e-commerce network". An enterprise can only put one electronic tender before the time point of the stipulated bid, and the tender of the enterprise shall be deemed to be ineffective when more than two copies (including two copies) of the electronic tender that the same enterprise has been successfully delivered.

10 minutes after the enterprise completed the bidding operation, the "electronic bidding enterprise information service system" on the China International Electronic commerce network can be successfully received by the host. The query submitted by the bidding enterprise within 30 minutes before the bid is blocked, and the system can not guarantee whether the bid is successfully received by the host.

If there is any failure in the electronic tendering, please contact the customer service hotline of China International Electronic Commerce Center at least 2 hours before the deadline. Otherwise, the failure of the bidding operation will be borne by itself.

The technical support for electronic tendering and bidding is handled by the China International Electronic Commerce Center (EDI). The specific operational problems are explained by EDI.

Phone: 010-67870108 (customer service center)

Fax: 010-67800343

Five. The amount of tender

(1) the minimum tender amount is 500 tons, and the maximum tender amount is divided according to the average annual export volume and quantity of the enterprise in 2011-2013 years.

Average annual export and maximum quantity of tender

More than 4 thousand tons (including) average annual export and supply quantity * 75%

Less than 4 thousand tons of 3000 tons

(two) annual average export and quantity of supply = actual annual average export volume x 0.9 + actual annual average export amount / national average export unit price x 0.1

(three) all bid documents whose bid is higher than the highest bidder or below the lowest tender amount are all rejected.

Six. The lowest bid price

The tender price is set at the lowest tender price. The tender company can receive the lowest bid price determined by the Tender Committee directly on the electronic tender.

Bidding documents lower than the lowest tender price stipulated by the tender committee are invalid.


Light burned magnesia

Innovation led to the industry high-end light burning magnesium powder in Yingkou Qinghua Group leading the leading layer of such a sentence: the three stream enterprises sell products, second rate enterprises sell technology, first-class enterprises to sell patents, super first-class enterprises sell standards. With the rapid development of economy and fierce competition in the market, standards play a more and more important role in improving the technological level and competitiveness of enterprises. In today's increasingly competitive competition, whoever grasps the right to speak in the standard setting will have the initiative to compete. In recent years, the group has actively participated in the revision of the national, industrial and local standards, and has revised and formulated several national and industrial standards, such as the national standards for the "magnesia carbon brick". The independent intellectual property right is the core competitive power of the enterprise. Over the years, the company's leaders have attached great importance to the development of intellectual property work, propagate and strengthen the work of intellectual property through various measures, and institutionalize the work of intellectual property. In 2006, the group was awarded the "Liaoning province enterprise intellectual property demonstration unit". The "blue and white" trademark is appraised by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as "China's well-known trademark". In 2012, the company applied for 5 invention patents, such as a composite spinel zirconium refractories for non-ferrous metal smelting. The traditional refractories industry is striking ahead, and the field of magnesia new materials is also advancing towards the top. Light burned magnesium powder here is Yingkou Dongji Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., bearing the country's first magnesium material 863 project - magnesite high efficient preparation of electric melting magnesium emission reduction technology and equipment "project. The project adopts advanced recycling technology, mainly in four aspects: the first is that the low grade magnesite is quality and impurity, the grade of magnesite is reduced, the utilization rate of low grade magnesite is greatly increased, and the two is the key technology and equipment of magnesite green smelting, which has high efficiency, high efficiency, emission reduction and high automation. And other advantages, the energy saving is above 20%, the production capacity is increased by 30%, the production process can achieve the near zero emission of dust, and the three is the key technology and equipment for the comprehensive recovery of high temperature magnesium melting heat transfer energy in magnesite smelting. The flue gas and the residual heat are used in the energy saving and environmental protection ecological house production line, and the energy of wood drying is greatly saved. Source consumption; four is the integration of flue gas treatment and CO2 recovery in smelting process, and CO2 gas can be recycled more than 900 thousand tons annually. The project covers an area of 670 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 4 billion 500 million yuan in 5 years. The output value is 10 billion yuan and the profit tax is 2 billion 500 million yuan. The implementation of the project will provide guidance and technical support for the upgrading and replacement of the traditional electric magnesium industry in Dashiqiao. It will lay a solid foundation for creating a thousand billion yuan magnesia material industry cluster during the "12th Five-Year" period of the city.

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