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Status of light burning magnesia powder in new direction of refractories

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During the "12th Five-Year", Haicheng magnesium industry is relying on the development of "high-end, large-scale, international and diversified", relying on scientific and technological progress, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading and product structure adjustment, extending the industrial chain, promoting the sustainable development of the magnesium industry cluster, consolidating and developing magnesium material industry in the city. The dominant position in the country and even in the world is to build a world-class magnesium base industrialization base. As Mr. Zhong Chongxiang, a academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, said in the Forum on the development trend of refractory materials in twenty-first Century, the position of Dashiqiao is "China Magnesium capital", and its influence is not only in China, but also in the world. The development of China's magnesium capital is to be famous, famous and famous in the world. Innovation led to the industry high-end light burning magnesium powder in Yingkou Qinghua Group leading the leading layer of such a sentence: the three stream enterprises sell products, second rate enterprises sell technology, first-class enterprises to sell patents, super first-class enterprises sell standards. With the rapid development of economy and fierce competition in the market, standards play a more and more important role in improving the technological level and competitiveness of enterprises. In today's increasingly competitive competition, whoever grasps the right to speak in the standard setting will have the initiative to compete. In recent years, the group has actively participated in the revision of the national, industrial and local standards, and has revised and formulated several national and industrial standards, such as the national standards for the "magnesia carbon brick". The independent intellectual property right is the core competitive power of the enterprise. Over the years, the company's leaders have attached great importance to the development of intellectual property work, propagate and strengthen the work of intellectual property through various measures, and institutionalize the work of intellectual property. In 2006, the group was awarded the "Liaoning province enterprise intellectual property demonstration unit". The "blue and white" trademark is appraised by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as "China's well-known trademark". In 2012, the company applied for 5 invention patents, such as a composite spinel zirconium refractories for non-ferrous metal smelting. The traditional refractories industry is striking ahead, and the field of magnesia new materials is also advancing towards the top. Light burned magnesium powder here is Yingkou Dongji Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., bearing the country's first magnesium material 863 project - magnesite high efficient preparation of electric melting magnesium emission reduction technology and equipment "project. The project adopts advanced recycling technology, mainly in four aspects: the first is that the low grade magnesite is quality and impurity, the grade of magnesite is reduced, the utilization rate of low grade magnesite is greatly increased, and the two is the key technology and equipment of magnesite green smelting, which has high efficiency, high efficiency, emission reduction and high automation. And other advantages, the energy saving is above 20%, the production capacity is increased by 30%, the production process can achieve the near zero emission of dust, and the three is the key technology and equipment for the comprehensive recovery of high temperature magnesium melting heat transfer energy in magnesite smelting. The flue gas and the residual heat are used in the energy saving and environmental protection ecological house production line, and the energy of wood drying is greatly saved. Source consumption; four is the integration of flue gas treatment and CO2 recovery in smelting process, and CO2 gas can be recycled more than 900 thousand tons annually. The project covers an area of 670 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 4 billion 500 million yuan in 5 years. The output value is 10 billion yuan and the profit tax is 2 billion 500 million yuan. The implementation of the project will provide guidance and technical support for the upgrading and replacement of the traditional electric magnesium industry in Dashiqiao. It will lay a solid foundation for creating a thousand billion yuan magnesia material industry cluster during the "12th Five-Year" period of the city.

Light burned magnesia

As a representative enterprise in the metal magnesium alloy processing industry, Haicheng Jiu Sheng refractory manufacturing Co., Ltd. has set foot on the road of innovation and development that is different from the traditional magnesium alloy processing industry at the beginning of its founding in 2009.

From the beginning, the company decided to take the "best soldier" route. First of all, it is clear that the foundation of enterprise development is the dominant ideology of rational utilization of talents. In the stage of the economic downturn in the big environment, the company has opened the curtain of development. In a few short years, the company has stepped up to the top of the industry. The course of development over the past few years has proved the right choice of dominant ideology. It can be said that the development process of Tianjin Dongyi is the process of team building and development of the company. The ideal of this team is to apply the metal magnesium alloys, known as the twenty-first Century green metal materials, to various fields.

On the one hand, the company takes the market as the guidance, on the one hand, the production, the various products to the various levels of the society, on the other hand, pay great attention to technological research and development and innovation, and build the enterprise into a new type of new product research and development, technology service, production and management technology enterprises with the strong self innovation ability.

The products are mainly magnesium alloy tubes, magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes and magnesium alloy castings. The products are widely used in lightweight transportation tools (bicycle frame, front fork, armrest, seat, balance car parts, car steering wheel, car door and window board, etc.), 3C electronic products (flat board computer outer cover, etc.), leisure goods (leisure tables, chairs) Medical equipment (bone nail plate, bracket, etc.), electric tools (electric tool housing, outer cover, etc.), concrete tools, etc. The annual capacity of the enterprise reached 10000 tons. There are regular customers in the US, Mexico and Korea.

In May 2014, the products of "high strength and high toughness magnesium alloy pipes" were recognized by Tianjin's small and medium-sized enterprises. The products are constantly upgrading and developing new type magnesium alloys instead of aluminum alloys and steel instead of steel. In the same year, magnesium alloy extrusion profiles of enterprises were identified as "killer products" in Tianjin. In March 2014, the magnesium alloy sheet developed by the company was certified by Microsoft Corp as the first largest supplier of electronic products and chassis products in China. It will bring gratifying economic benefits to the enterprise.

With the concept of advanced production and operation, the company has realized the green production mode of recycle and utilization of production materials and zero discharge of environmental protection. It embodies the enterprise spirit and sense of responsibility that the production resources are taken from society and the green production returns to the society.

The global market share of extruded magnesium alloy sacrificial anode products is 60%, and the global market share of extruded magnesium alloy products is 10-15%. By the year of 2014, among the ten major export enterprises of China's magnesium products (anode mainly), Tianjin Dongyi exports 935.78 tons, accounting for 25.14%, the first. In 2014, China's magnesium processing materials (profiles + billet) export ten enterprises, Tianjin Dongyi exports 935.78 tons, accounting for 22.1%, ranking the first.

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