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The magnesium oxide produced by the company has the advantages of good chemical stability, high activity, fire retardant and other advantages

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Haicheng Dingsheng Mining Co., Ltd. is located in the famous city of magnesite in China - the industrial park of magnesite base in Liaoning province. This is the diamond magnesium base of the world and China. It is rich in transportation and mineral resources. The road, railway and sea transportation are all round, ten kilometers from the sea City, 258 kilometers from Dalian Port, Yingkou Bayuquan...【details】

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Products are widely used in thermal power plant desulfurization, fire door core board, fire board, partition board, ventilation pipe, cover manufacturing,
Architectural templates, greenhouse scaffolds, stone abrasives, handicrafts and other building materials, decorative materials, magnesium sulfate chemical raw materials, refractory materials and many other aspects.


The factory covers an area of 42,000 square meters, and produces 120,000 tons of high-quality magnesium oxide products in the world and throughout the country.


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